Jeremiah Molyneaux - St. Patrick's Day

Jeremiah Molyneaux - St. Patrick's Day



This innovative model of dance lesson is taught entirely online, through a pre-recorded video lesson sent to you. In the beginning of the lesson is a "lecture” of sorts, describing the history and influence of this specific dancer. Following this is a dance instruction, breaking down each part of the dance associated with the dancer. This is an exciting opportunity to learn not only the steps, but also the cultural context of them.

“St. Patrick’s Day” is a commonly performed traditional set dance, particularly within the competitive Irish Step dance community. However, this version remains known within only small circles, with Jeremiah’s version of “The Blackbird” being much more prominent. I’m very happy to be sharing not only his unique choreography, but the great influence he continues to have on the traditional Irish step dancing community.

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