Siobhan’s knowledge of Irish dance traditions has led her to teach and share with others through workshops, demonstrations, and panel discussions. She has taught master classes all over the United States at Boston College, Villanova University, Milwaukee Irish Fest and CelticFest Mississippi to name a few. In 2013, Siobhan was invited to participate in a panel discussion led by Mick Moloney at NYU’s Glucksman Ireland House as part of the first annual New York Trad Fest.

Her love of teaching stems from wishing to inspire her students to make their dancing something of their own. Music serves as the core of her lessons by ensuring that each of her students understands various layers of the structure of Irish traditional music and how to create dances to suit the music. Rather than just teaching a single technique, Siobhan pulls from her vast knowledge of percussive dance traditions to give her students a variety of tools to help them interpret the music and build their dancing in their own unique and creative way.

Siobhan is available for an array of workshops, demonstrations, and lectures. For inquiries, please visit the contact page or send an email to siobhan.i.butler@gmail.com.


Private Lessons

Siobhan currently offers a variety of private lessons, including in-person lessons, Skype lessons, and prerecorded video lessons. All private lessons are designed to suit the goals of the student and can be conducted for sean-nós dance or traditional Irish Step dance.

1. As she is at present based in Ennis, Clare, Ireland, Siobhan offers 30 minute private lessons in Ennis, which can be scheduled during the week and weekend, based on her availability.

2. Siobhan also teaches over Skype, which is an excellent option for those who are unable to travel to Ennis but would still like a live learning experience. Much like an in-person private lesson, these lessons are simply conducted through webcam interaction, allowing real time correction and instruction.

3. Additionally, Siobhan teaches via prerecorded video lessons, which is ideal for those living in other countries or who would like the freedom of learning at their own pace, on their own time. Siobhan creates a lesson of approximately 30 minutes in length, based on the criteria described in an email consultation. Once the student has learned the material, they respond with a brief video of them dancing the material. Siobhan then provides feedback and additional tips through either a brief Skype conversation or a prerecorded video, depending on the preference of the student.

For more information on either of her private lesson plans, please feel free to contact to Siobhan by email at siobhan.i.butler@gmail.com.


Siobhan teaches workshops and masterclasses for beginners up to advanced level dancers in a variety of settings. She has taught extensively at many Irish festivals as well as Irish clubs and cultural centers, Irish Step dance schools, and small community workshops in homes and community centers.

For more information on masterclasses, please contact Siobhan by email at siobhan.i.butler@gmail.com.

Previous notable Teaching Engagements

Boston College, USA

Villanova University, USA

Sean-Nós NorthWest, USA

Milwaukee Irish Fest Summer School, USA

The O'Flaherty Retreat, USA

Swannanoa Celtic Week, USA

Lough Allen Dance Weekend, Ireland

University of Limerick, Ireland